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Mary Prantil NYC Reputation Faultless @AmericasDreamer  The American Dream is alive in America. I love my American Dream
Mary Prantil NYC Reputation Faultless

Mary Prantil – Reputation Impeccable, Faultless – Please READ Stellar Reviews from several friends and colleagues of Mary Prantil.

Mary Prantil says: "The American Dream is good to those who are good to the American Dream."

Mary Prantil

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Celebrate Democracy & World Peace-American Life is the greatest Life 2B lived in the World.

READ Several Reviews by Employers and Colleagues on Mary Prantil.

I have known Mary Prantil for over 25 years and have always known her to be a hard working and dedicated person to both her employers and her peers. Mary Prantil is an honest person with an upstanding reputation and has had a solid track record of success while under the employ of some of the nations top media companies. It is very unfortunate that Mary Prantil has become victim of personal identification internet fraud and I hope that such misrepresentations will not be taken as fact as they have depicted Mary Prantil in such horrible light.After careful review of the false facts it is apparent that Mary Prantil has never been involved in such events or situations and the person who created this deplorable site should be shut down from doing this type of business.I wish Mary Prantil the very best and know that her strong will and drive for success will will lead her to greater opportunities in the near future.

Written by: Bob Krause, CEO Ignite Productions

Mary Prantil has been my close friend for over 5 years now. Mary Prantil is one of the most altruistic people that I've met in my life.Mary Prantil is an extremely hard working and honest woman. Mary Prantil has come to my aid numeous times and is a highly responsible and mature woman.It is truly sad that a wonderful person like Mary Prantil is a victim of Internet fraud. I urge all the people that know her to write and ameliorate her reputation for Mary Prantil is truly worth it.

Written by: Gjilberta Gelaj, New Yorker

Mary Prantil makes New York City a better place. I am proud to say Mary Prantil is my friend and Media colleague. I needed help and was really down and out. Mary Prantil was a real friend and the only person I could turn too. I think that this Ripoff should come off the Internet. I know Mary Prantil has contacted the POLICE for help. Mary Prantil also paid a lawyer. Ed Magedson ignores the request to remove. All the information is false on Ripoff Mary Prantil is not a drug dealer and she does not have a Criminal Record.Mary Prantil is a great friend and professional colleague.

Written by: Gordon Feinberg, New Yorker

I have known Mary Prantil for 25 years also. I was Mary Prantil's boss/manager back in San Diego, California in the mid-1980's. Mary Prantil was a valuable employee with a strong work ethic. Mary Prantil has a talent to make clients and co-workers around her feel comfortable. Mary Prantil had a great sense of humor in how she approaced working with customers and fellow employees. I would hate to see such a fine person's reputation drug through the mud like this sick Ed Magedson and his false claims on Rip-off I know Mary Prantil is an outstanding member of the community and deserves to be commended for it. I know these "facts" according to this internet hoax on Ripoff to be false and not a representation of Mary Prantil.

Written by: Deanna Herrod, San Diego, CA

To whom it may concern:Mary Prantil is a dear friend and the nicest person in the world. Mary would do anything for anyone in need, friend or stranger alike. Everyone needs a friend like Mary.

Sincerely.Dan Collins

Written by: Dan Collins, San Diego, CA

Mary Prantil is one of the sweetest most honest people anyone could ever know. Mary Prantil worked at Simon & Schuster on the Executive Floor. Mary Prantil has a stellar reputation and established herself as a reliant and resourceful Executive at Simon & Schuster. Simon & Schuster would highly reccomend Mary Prantil for any Corporation or any Executive Assistant position. Mary Prantil is highly driven and is an asset to any CEO, Corporate Team or Senior Management. Our world needs more people like Mary Prantil who are decent and full of integrity.SCAM Jan Windglows aka Janhett T. Windglows and Jim Morgan aka James Morgan of Blood Love and Lust Spells commit CRIMES of Identity Theft; Aggravated Harassment and Defamation. These Psychic Con-Artists - Jan Windglows and Jim Morgan have posted since Oct 2006 over 200,000 fasle URL's including on Ripoff Report; Complaints Board; Netvibes; Scamfound; Digg and more all full of Falsehoods. Worse, Jan Windglows constructed over "28" websites with actual DEATH THREATs to Mary Prantil. Mary Prantil does not have a Criminal Record or any of the lies spread by Ripoff or the Global Internet by Psychic Con-Artists Jan Windglows aka Janhett T. Windglows and her employee, James Morgan aka Jim Morgan. DO NOT USE - should come OFF the Internet for committing this crime of Identity Theft; Aggravated Harassment and Defamation against Mary Prantil. Jan Windglows and Jim Morgan have been reported to the NYPD. Police Reports #277 for Identity Theft and #3057 filed for continued Identity Theft and Aggravated Harassment (filed on April 9, 2010 114 Precinct 718-626-9311) both are active with the NYPD. Jan Windglows aka Janhett T. Windglows is not cooperating with POLICE ORDERS to CEASE and DESIST; therefore an arrest is pending for the Psychic Con-Artists, Jan Windglows aka Janhett T. Windglows aka Enchantress 208 and for Jim Morgan aka James Morgan aka Dragon.Our world needs more people like Mary Prantil who are hard working and decent.

Human Resources at Simon & Schuster, New York(212) 698-7000 - Call Simon & Schuster ask for Eric Semel, HRVerify Mary Prantil's Stellar Reference- Employment Dates

Talented and successful Mary Prantil worked at HBO. Mary Prantil is an asset to any Corporation or Senior Management. Mary Prantil is one of the most creative driven people. Mary Prantil is a highly qualified Executive Assistant with a proven track record of excellence and reliability. Mary Prantil worked on many projects in HBO's Marketing Dept. Mary Prantil is a great colleague.Human Resources at HBO thinks that Ripoff should come off the Internet for hurting innocent people like Mary Prantil. HBO personally did a background check on Mary Prantil in 2004 before hiring Ms. Prantil. HBO found she does NOT have a Criminal Record and never did. Mary Prantil does not have a Criminal Record. Mary Prantil does not sell drugs or any of the other false claims.Mary Prantil has a very strong presence in the Media Corporate World in NYC. We need more honest hard working people like Mary Prantil.HBO would hire Mary Prantil back at HBO anyday. HBO highly endorses Mary for any job reference. Please respond to this AD and get the truth out about Mary Prantil who is a wonderful human being.

Human Resources HBO, New York(212) 512-1000 - Call HBO ask for Kathy Naughton, HRVerify Mary Prantil's Stellar HBO Reference - HBO Employment dates

Mary Prantil is a dependable, honest, hard working Executive Assistant with a positive and professional attitude who is a strong team player. Mary Prantil worked at HBO in the Marketing Department. Mary Prantil is a very resourceful Executive Assistant.I am proud to know Mary Prantil. Mary Prantil is also a wonderful human being that I can always depend on for help both personally and professionally. I was lucky to work with Mary Prantil at HBO.

Written by: Freelance Executive Producer, HBO New York

Mary Prantil is the most loyal colleague I have in America. I met Mary Prantil about 4 years ago in New York City when I first moved here from Egypt. Mary Prantil is a true creative force to be reckoned with who makes change with inspiration and by her example. Mary Prantil is not only very beautiful physically on the outside; Mary Prantil has pure vision from a divine place from within and always sees an opportunity within every disaster. Mary Prantil's 911 story inspires me. I owe Mary Prantil much gratitude for her strong belief in me and my project, "Let the People Speak; An American Reality Movie". Mary Prantil encouraged me when I did not have many supporters. Mary Prantil encouraged me to finish my documentary and get my message out to the world. I have also personally taped Mary Prantil's Comedy act and she is an extremely talented and funny live Stand-up performer/comedian. I believe in Mary Prantil.Mary Prantil is one of my best friends since living in New York City. Mary Prantil inspires me. Mary Prantil is a true lady and genuine humanitarian that makes the world a better place.

Written by: Hani Aly Salama, Executive Producer on "Control Room"Friday,

May 2010 Mary Prantil Executive Assistant to CEO - Resume and References

Mary Prantil is currently available for work in NYC. Mary Prantil is working on her own Film Project - A documentary style short film about making it as a Stand-up Comic in NYC. Mary Prantil is available for Film Projects, TV Pilots, Documentary Work, Producers Assignments and/or as Media Consultant/Executive Assistant to the CEO at any Major Film or Television Network in NYC. Mary Prantil has a unique Corporate and Creative skill set. Mary Prantil is an asset to any Film Project and/or Executive Floor assisting the CEO. Mary Prantil is extremely talented and is pursuing a Professional Theatrical Film and Stand-up Comedy Career.

Mary Prantil's Media Resume

Media Executive with 10 years corporate experience and college degree; Gaining vast knowledge of business and administrative protocol in fast paced environment; Able to multi-task and prioritize heavy workload without sacrificing quality with a “get the job done” attitude; With a proven verifiable track record of being an excellent team player; Great phone manner; Dependable liaison between CEO/Senior Management and interfacing with their Direct Reports

Employment Profile

NEWSPAPER NATIONAL NETWORK Media & Newspaper New York, NY April 2007 – Sept 2008Executive Assistant to CEO·

Manage busy phones, conference calls, confidential messages and field/answer all routine and non-routine questions for CEO· Schedule and organize heavy calendar such as complex activities: meetings, travel, and department/client conferences; Maintain contact database· Process travel and expense reports both domestic and international for CEO· Route NNN Newspaper Relations Rate Agreements and Contracts for signature and CEO’s approval· Daily provide reports to CEO with activity of all team Ad Sales calls and advertising productivity· Organize quarterly newspaper seminars with 24 NNN Partnering companies including: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Hearst, Tribune, Washington Post, McClatchy and Gannett Companies· Send out quarterly reports with financial updates to all 24 NNN Partners and CEO’s· Basic administrative support to SVP of Media and Operations; phones, appointments, travel and T&E, and filing· Assist SVP of Marketing with special projects, press releases and marketing PowerPoint presentations for Ad Sales team projects

DESOLA GROUP Marketing and Management Consulting Firm New York, NY April 2006 –April 2007Executive Assistant to Chairman·

Managed busy phones, conference calls/dialed direct, conveyed confidential messages on behalf of Chairman· Scheduled and organized heavy calendar such; as complex activities, meetings, travel, and department/client conferences· Processed travel and expense reports both domestic and international· Composed, screened/send emails; managed files and mail; handled confidential matters; including return written follow up on behalf of Chairman· Maintained extensive contact database both business and personal for Chairman· Assisted Design Team with PowerPoint presentations for client marketing projects· Personal Work: managed business and social calendar, coordinated daily with private chauffeur,family trips, doctor appointments, gym and personal trainer, gifts and parties/events, and various personal errands

United Staffing NYC May 2005 – April 2006 Short Term EA Assignments: Limited Brands support President; YES Network support VP AD Sales

HBO Entertainment Media New York, NY March 2004 – May 2005Executive Assistant to Vice President of Special Markets, Creative Services·

Maintained daily calendar and extensive travel arrangements for VP; Extensive upkeep of VP contacts both personal and business· Processed travel and expense reports· Screened all internal and external calls for VP of Special Markets· Maintained video tape library of HBO Plex Interstitials for VP of Special Markets· Maintained database for vacation/personal days for entire Special Markets team and VP Direct Reports (25 people)· Assisted VP with PowerPoint marketing presentations for HBO promotion of HBO Original Series· Personal Work: managed on all aspects of personal work, extensive authoring needs for VP first book including publicity, PR kits, coordinating meetings with publishing house, extensive mailings, copy maintain all book reviews

CNN Global News Broadcast Network New York, NY (TEMP Assignment) June 2003-November 2003Executive Assistant to Vice President of Finance and Administration

Maintained daily calendar and travel arrangements for VP including business meetings, seminars and appointments organizing flight, hotel reservations, car service and rental reservations; processed travel and expense reports· Provided back up administrative support to team of Financial Analysts and VP’s Direct Report· Assisted VP on various projects for Time Warner Center relocation· Created and maintained various excel spreadsheet

SIMON & SCHUSTER Major International Publisher New York, NY May 2000 - January 2003Executive Assistant to Senior Vice President of Business Office, Executive Floor·

Maintained daily calendar and travel arrangements for Senior Vice President and Business Manager including business meetings, personal appointments, organizing flights, hotel reservations, car service, processed travel and expense reports· 2nd Assistant and phone coverage for President of Business Office· Set up new hires with Human Resources and coordinated with IS&T· Tracked, reviewed and prioritized all contracts proposals, check requisitions and amendments from internal publishers and editors throughout approval process; served as liaison with P&L Manager and Publishers/Editors resulting in smooth completion of contract approval process· Researched monthly reports uncovered missing $200,000 saving company compounded daily interest payments

PEARSON PARTNERS LLC Investment Banking Firm New York, NY March 1998 – May 2000Executive Receptionist, Administrative Assistant to Principals

Provided complete coverage of reception area/front office duties, meet and greet, answer all incoming calls; mail deliveries, etc· Provided complete administrative support to Principal Partners and full staff of real estate brokers, appraisers and financial analysts· Responsible for typing, faxing, copying business and client correspondence and reports and administrative ad hoc projects· Screened all external calls for President and 4 Principal Partners· Provided additional HR support in absence of Office Manager· Purchased office and computer supplies, processed orders, and reconciled invoices

Technical Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SAP, Mac, PC and Heavy Internet Research

References belowMary Prantil, Executive AssistantEmployment References
cell (917) 224-6605

1. Newspaper National Network
Jason Klein, CEO (boss)(212)
Newspaper Association of AmericaSarah Burkman,
HR for Newspaper National Network

2. DeSola Group
Michael DeSola, Chairman (boss) 832-0922
Jai Sada, HR(212) 856-4770

3. HBO
Elaine Brown VP Creative Services (boss)
Kathy Naughton, 512-1000

4. CNN
Sean Murtagh, VP of Finance (boss)
Gina LaRussa, (212) 275-7800

5. Simon & Schuster
Dennis Eulau, SVP of Business Office (boss)
Eric Semel,
Eric Veit,
(212) 698-7000.

Pearson Partners
John Pearson, Principle (boss)(212)

Personal References
Bob Krause, CEO Ignite Production Group (friend of over 20 yrs)
cell (619) 980-8516 office (858)

Jonathon Baylis, HBO Producer (co-worker and friend)
(917) 575-6316

Mary Prantil

Mary Prantil

@BestMaryPrantil New York City
Mary Prantil is an American Success story. Mary Prantil A MUST FOLLOW

May your American Dream lead you to love. Spread Democracy, Love & World Peace.